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Gonactinia prolifera (Sars, 1835) - A Sea anemone (Sea anemone images)
Sea anemone
Gonactinia prolifera
- in aquarium 1

Sea anemone
Gonactinia prolifera
- in aquarium 2

Sea anemone
Gonactinia prolifera
- in aquarium 3

Images were taken of Gonactinia prolifera in a small coldwater marine aquarium at home; where it was first seen. 23.04.11. Material for the tank was collected from Battery Rocks, Penzance, Cornwall. 07.02.11. The anemone was spotted on the 23.04.11, although was first thought to be a juvenile snakelocks anemone. Only later was the true identity realised.

Gonactinia prolifera is rarely recorded probably because of its size, so it is unknow how common or rare it is, under-recorded. It would seem to prefer to anchor to shells and is quite mobile on them and was seem to cartwheel across them in the tank. Species has been recorded in the UK from the Clyde, Plymouth and south Cornwall.

The animal in the image is about 5mm high and has 16 tentacles.

Gonactinia prolifera Sea Anemone Images
The main objective of this website is in furthering environmental awareness and education through the medium of photography. To increase awareness and access to the wildlife of the region and help
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