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Marine Bivalve Images - Lantern and Pandora-shells (Superorder Anomalodesmata)
Anomalodesmata (Superorder) > Cuspidarioidea (Superfamily) > Cuspidariidae (Family)

Cuspidaria cuspidata (Olivi, 1792)

Anomalodesmata (Superorder) > Pandoroidea (Superfamily) > Lyonsiidae (Family)

Lyonsia norwegica (Gmelin, 1791) - Norwegian lyonsia

Anomalodesmata (Superorder) > Pandoroidea (Superfamily) > Pandoridae (Family)

Pandora albida (Röding, 1798) - A Pandora-shell
Pandora inaequivalvis (Linnaeus, 1758)
- A Pandora-shell

Pandora pinna (Montagu, 1803) - A Pandora-shell

Anomalodesmata (Superorder) > Thracioidea (Superfamily) > Periplomatidae (Family)

Cochlodesma praetenue (Pulteney, 1799)
- Thin lantern-shell

Anomalodesmata (Superorder) > Thracioidea (Superfamily) > Thraciidae (Family)

Thracia convexa (W. Wood, 1815) - Convex lantern-shell
Thracia distorta (Montagu, 1803) - Little lantern-shell
Thracia phaseolina (Lamarck, 1818) - Papery lantern shell
Thracia pubescens (Pulteney, 1799)
- Pubescent or Large lantern-shell

Thracia villosiuscula (MacGillivray, 1827)
- A Lantern-shell

Marine Bivalve Images UK Lantern Pandora and Pandoras box shells Superorder Anomalodesmata