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Timoclea ovata (Pennant, 1777) - Oval Venus (Marine bivalve images)
Timoclea ovata
Oval venus
- live specimen 1

The live specimen above was sieved from sandy mud at Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall, 02.07.20.

Timoclea ovata
Oval venus
- shell 1

Timoclea ovata
Oval venus
- shell 2

Specimen above found in shell sand at Harlyn Beach, Cornwall. 26.04.09.

Scientific and European Names:
Timoclea ovata, Pasiphaƫ pennantia, Venus alopsis, Venus congoensis, Venus myrrhae, Venus ovata, Venus pectinula, Venus radiata, Oval venus, Nettegnet venusmusling, Ovale venusschelp, Lammeskjel, Radiarstrimmig venusmussla.

Timoclea ovata Oval Venus
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