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Thalassomya frauenfeldi Schiner, 1856 - A Marine splash midge (Diptera images)
Marine splash midge
Thalassomya frauenfeldi
- top view in-situ 1

Marine splash midge
Thalassomya frauenfeldi
- top view 1

Marine splash midge
Thalassomya frauenfeldi
- fly with scale 1

Species found mating on the wet vertical suface of Penzance Promenade, on middle to uppershore level. Species found in association with green algae covered barnacles. Species found on the slipway near the swimming pool at Chimney Rocks, Penzance, Cornwall. 03.04.14. GPS 50.11499° N 5.533435° W.

The genus Thalassomya is sometimes reported as Thalassomyia. The FBA Chironomidae key and WoRMS database uses Thalassomyia, but but the latest online version of the Diptera checklist, EOL and NBN Gateway uses Thalassomya, so it is used here.

Ian McClean kindly identified the species here from male specimens, and kindly sent additional information.

The closest record of this species in the area is for a report of it from the Eddystone Rock by Spooner in 1956.

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