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Parasitic algae (Seaweed images)
Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Ceramiales (Order)

Delesseriaceae (Family) > Phycodryoideae (Subfamily) > Cryptopleureae (Tribe)

Gonimophyllum buffhamii Batters, 1892
- A parasitic red algae

Rhodomelaceae (Family)

Choreocolax polysiphoniae Reinsch, 1875
- A red algae parasitic on Vertebrata lanosa

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Gigartinales (Order)

Kallymeniaceae (Family)

Callocolax neglectus F.Schmitz ex Batters, 1895
- A red algal parasite of Callophyllis laciniata

Pterocladiophilaceae (Family)

Gelidiocolax margaritoides (M.T.Martin & M.A.Pocock)
K.-C.Fan & Papenfuss, 1959 - A red algae parasitic
on Gelidium

Holmsella pachyderma (Reinsch) Sturch, 1926
- A red algal parasite of Gracilaria and Gracilariopsis

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Palmariales (Order)

Rhodophysemataceae (Family)

Rhodophysema georgei Batters, 1900
- An epiphyte of Eel-grass, Zostera marina

Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Rhodymeniales (Order)

Rhodymeniaceae (Family)

Rhodymeniocolax Setchell, 1923
- A red algae parasitic of Rhodymenia sp.


Many thanks to Professor Michael Guiry for his help in identifying some of the seaweeds featured on this page.
Michael Guiry's Seaweed Website


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