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Cornu aspersum (O. F. Müller, 1774) - Common or Garden Snail (Land snail images)
Common or Garden Snail
Cornu aspersum
- shell side view 1

Common or Garden Snail
Cornu aspersum
- shell underside 1

Synonym Helix aspersa.

This is not a marine snail species at all, it is a land snail, more commonly seen in gardens. However, shells can be found above and below the high tide mark on beaches, which is why the species is included here.

The images were taken at Hayle Towans, Cornwall. It appears that the shell may have come from the area, as the species frequents the dune system behind the beach.

Animals in the area are feeding on calcium rich vegetation on the dunes (dunes often being derived from shell sand, which is rich in calcium), this has probably given the snail a thicker shell and one that can survive longer in the sea, which is why it has been found washed up on the shore.

Helix aspersa synonym Cornu aspersum Common or Garden Snail Land Snail Images
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