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Caenogastropoda (Order Unassigned) - Marine Snail Images (Gastropoda)
Cerithioidea  (Superfamily) > Cerithiidae (Family) > Bittiinae (Subfamily) - Needle whelks

Bittium reticulatum (da Costa, 1778) - Needle whelk
Bittium simplex (Jeffreys, 1867) - A Needle whelk

Cerithioidea (Superfamily) > Cerithiidae (Family) > Cerithiinae (Subfamily)

Cerithium litteratum (Born, 1778)
- Stocky cerith or Lettered horn shell (non-native species)

Cerithioidea (Superfamily) > Turritellidae (Family)
- Tower, Auger, Screw shells

Turritella communis (Risso, 1826) - Tower or Auger shell

Epitonioidea (Superfamily) > Epitoniidae (Family)
- Wentletraps

Epitonium clathratulum (Kanmacher in G Adams, 1798)
- Small wentletrap
Epitonium clathrus (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Common wentletrap

Epitonium trevelyanum (Thompson W., 1840)
- Trevelyan's wentletrap

Epitonium turtonis (Turton, 1819)
- Turton's wentletrap

Epitonium species comparison -1 (click to view)
Epitonium species comparison -2 (click to view)

Epitonioidea (Superfamily) > Janthinidae (Family)
- Violet snails

Janthina janthina (Linnaeus, 1758)
- Common violet sea-snail (pelagic species)

Janthina exigua Lamarck, 1816 - Ridged violet sea-snail (pelagic species)
Janthina globosa Swainson, 1822 - A Violet sea-snail
(pelagic species)

Janthina pallida W. Thompson, 1840
- Pale violet sea-snail (pelagic species)

Eulimoidea (Superfamily) > Aclididae (Family)

Aclis ascaris (Turton, 1819) - Little aclis
Aclis minor (Brown, 1827) - Glossy aclis

Triphoroidea  (Superfamily) > Cerithiopsidae (Family)

Cerithiopsis jeffreysi Watson, 1885
Cerithiopsis tubercularis - Horn shell (Montagu, 1803)

Triphoroidea (Superfamily) > Triphoridae (Family)

Marshallora adversa (Montagu, 1803)
- Reversed horn shell



Cerithioidea (Superfamily) > Cerithiidae (Family) > Cerithiinae (Subfamily)

Cerithium vulgatum Bruguière, 1792
- Common or Atlantic Cerith (UK HORIZON SPECIES)


Other members of the Caenogastropoda
(Order Unassigned)

From the authors collection of foreign shells,
species not recorded in the United Kingdom.

Cerithioidea (Superfamily) > Cerithiidae (Family) > Cerithiinae (Subfamily)

Cerithium atratum (Born, 1778) - Florida cerith (Brazil)

Cerithium muscarum Say, 1832
- Flyspeck cerith (Florida, USA)

Epitonioidea (Superfamily) > Epitoniidae (Family)

Epitonium angulatum (Say, 1831)
- Angulate wentletrap (Florida, USA)

Gyroscala lamellosa (Lamarck, 1822) - Lamellose, Perplexed or Banded wentletrap (Canary Islands)

Gyroscala rupicola (Kurtz, 1860)
- Brown-band wentletrap (New York, USA)

Caenogastropoda Order Unassigned Marine Snail Images UK Gastropoda