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Eulima and eulimids (Superfamily Vanikoroidea) - Marine Snail Images (Gastropoda)
(Vanikoroidea Superfamily)  > Eulimidae (Family)

Crinophtheiros collinsi (Sykes, 1903) - A eulimid snail

Curveulima dautzenbergi (Pallary, 1900) - A eulimid snail

Eulima bilineata Alder, 1848 - Two-lined eulima
Eulima glabra (da Costa, 1778) - Awl-shaped eulima

Melanella alba (da Costa, 1778) - A eulimid snail
Melanella lubrica (Monterosato, 1890) - A eulimid snail

Vitreolina n. sp. (Vitreolina incurva auct.)
- A eulimid snail

Vitreolina sp. (Newlyn Marina 29.08.15.) - A eulimid snail

Thanks to Jakov Prkić for his invaluable help in sorting issues with this difficult group and identlfying members of it.

Eulima and Eulimids Superfamily VanikoroideaMarine Snail Images UK Gastropoda