An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that is found in the coastal waters
and rockpools of south-west England. Images by David Fenwick.

Marine arthropod images (Arachnids - Spiders, mites and pseudoscorpions)
Pseudoscorpions (Order Pseudoscorpionida)

Pseudoscorpionida (Order) > Neobisiidae (Family)

Neobisium maritimum (Leach, 1817) - A Pseudoscorpion

Spiders (Order Araneae)

Araneae (Order) > Linyphiidae (Family)

Halorates reprobus (O. P.-Cambridge, 1879)
- Shore money spider

Marine mites (Subclass Acari)

Mesostigmata (Order) > Gamasina (Cohort) > Dermanyssina (Sub-cohort) > Macrochelidae (Family)

Macrochelid mite
Marine mite from the family macrochelidae
- uppershore, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall. 08.09.13.

Mesostigmata (Order) > Gamasina (Cohort)

cohort Gamasina
Marine mite from the cohort gamasina
- Albert Reef, Penzance, Cornwall. 17.05.15.

Sarcoptiformes (Order) > Oribatida (Suborder)
> Astigmatina (Cohort)

Oribatid mite
Oribatid mite from the cohort astigmatina
- uppershore, Carnsew Pool, Hayle, Cornwall. 08.09.13.

Sarcoptiformes (Order) > Oribatida (Suborder) > Hermannioidea (Superfamily) > Hermanniidae (Family)

Hermannia sp. probably H. pulchella Willmann, 1952
- An Oribatid mite

Trombidiformes (Order) > Prostigmata (Suborder) > Eupodina (Cohort) > Penthaleidae (Family)

Halotydeus hydrodromus (Berlese & Trouessart, 1889)
- A Penthaleid mite

Marine mites to identify -
Marine mite 1 - Spit Point, Par, Cornwall. 12.06.10.
Marine mite 7 - Wherry Rocks, Penzance. 08.05.16.

Sea spiders (Pycnogonida) - see dedicated page

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