An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that is found in the coastal waters
and rockpools of south-west England. Images by David Fenwick.

Seaweed galls and their causative agents (Algal gall images)
Galls caused by marine nematodes / eelworms

Rhabditida (Order) > Tylenchina (Suborder) > Tylenchomorpha (Infraorder) > Sphaerularioidea (Superfamily) > Anguinidae (Family)

Bladder Wrack, Fucus vesiculosus galled by the nematode Halenchus dumnonicus Coles, 1958 ?


Galls with un-identified agents

Furbellows, Saccorhiza polyschides galled by unknown agent, Newlyn, 17.03.17.

Kelp / Oarweed, Laminaria digitata galled by unknown agent,
Battery Rocks, Penzance, 31.10.16.

Knotted / Egg Wrack, Ascophyllum nodosum galled
by unknown agent, Perranporth, 30.01.15.

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