An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that is found in the coastal waters
and rockpools of south-west England. Images by David Fenwick.

Diatoms, marine microalgae and algae-bacterial mats and films
Ochrophyta (Phylum) > Khakista (Subphylum)

Bacillariophyceae (Class) > Bacillariophycidae (Subclass) > Bacillariophycanae (Superorder) > Achnanthales (Order) > Cocconeidaceae (Family)

Cocconeis sp. - A Diatom

Bacillariophyceae (Class) > Bacillariophycidae (Subclass) > Bacillariophycanae (Superorder) > Naviculales (Order) > Neidiineae (Suborder) > Berkeleyaceae (Family)

Berkeleya rutilans (Trentepohl ex Roth) Grunow, 1880 ?
- A Marine diatom

Berkeleya sp. found on flotsam - A Marine diatom

Parlibellus delognei (Van Heurck) E.J.Cox, 1988 ?
- A Diatom

Bacillariophyceae (Class) > Coscinodiscophycidae (Subclass) > Coscinodiscanae (Superorder) > Melosirales (Order) > Hyalodiscaceae (Family)

Podosira stelligera (Bailey) A.Mann, 1907 - A Diatom

Bacillariophyceae (Class) > Fragilariophycidae (Subclass) > Fragilariophycanae (Superorder) > Licmophorales (Order) > Licmophoraceae (Family)

Licmophora flabellata (Grev.) C.Agardh, 1831
- A Pennate Diatom

Licmophora sp. - Diatom on the hydroid Obelia geniculata
Licmophora sp.
- As a symbiont of the flatworm Convoluta convoluta

Bacillariophyceae (Class) > Fragilariophycidae (Subclass) > Fragilariophycanae (Superorder) > Striatellales (Order) > Striatellaceae (Family)

Grammatophora marina (Lyngbye) K├╝tzing, 1844 ?
- A Diatom

Striatella unipunctata (Lyngbye) C.Agardh, 1832
- A Diatom


An assemblage of diatoms on the
red alga Dumontia contorta. 26.05.16

An assemblage of diatoms on the red
encrusting alga Lithothamnion. 15.02.17.

Diatoms on the Yellow vase sea squirt, Ciona intestinalis at Newlyn Marina, possibly Licmophora flabellata

Algae-bacterial mat, including what are possibly naviculoid diatoms, the mat was found on the aboral surface of the stalked jellyfish Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis

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