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Sea Cucumbers and Sea Gherkins (Echinoderm images)
Sea Cucumbers and Gherkins (Class Holothuroidea)

Apodida (Order) > Synaptidae (Family)

Leptosynapta sp. possibly Leptosynapta inhaerens
(O.F. Müller, 1776) - A synaptid sea cucumber

Oestergrenia digitata (Montagu, 1815)
- A synaptid sea cucumber
(auricularia from plankton sample)

Aspidochirotida (Order) > Holothuriidae (Family)

Holothuria (Panningothuria) forskali Delle Chiaje, 1823
- Cotton spinner or Black sea cucumber

Dendrochirotida (Order) > Cucumariidae (Family)

Aslia lefevrei (Barrois, 1882) - Brown sea cucumber

Ocnus lacteus (Forbes & Goodsir, 1839)
- A sea cucumber

Pawsonia saxicola (Brady & Robertson, 1871)
- A sea gherkin

Dendrochirotida (Order) > Phyllophoridae (Family)

Thyone fusca Pearson, 1903 - A sea cucumber
Thyone roscovita Hérouard, 1889 - A sea cucumber

Photography of juvenile specimens
Juvenile sea gherkin from Newlyn Marina, 11.07.15.
Juvenile sea gherkin from Newlyn Marina, 23.07.15.

Various images of sea cucumbers and gherkins

Holothurians found in plankton samples

European Names - Sea cucumbers, Sea gherkins, Seegurken, ZeeKomkommers, Concombres, Holothuries, Pepinos, Oloturie, Echinoderms, Stachelhauter, Stekelhuidigen, Echinodermes, Equiinodermos, Echinodermi.

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