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Nemertopsis bivittata (Delle Chiaje, 1841) - A ribbon or nemertean worm (Nemertean images)
Ribbon or nemertean worm
Nemertopsis bivittata
- worm 1

Ribbon or nemertean worm
Nemertopsis bivittata
- worm 2

Specimen found under a rock on the lowershore at Little London Reef, marazion, Cornwall, 05.08.12. Species verified by the Spanish nemertean expert Alfonso Herrera Bachiller.

This southern species was only identified in 2016 by Alfonso Herrera Bachiller. It appears the closest this species has been recorded to Cornwall is the Asturias and Cantabria provinces of northern Spain.

Important the species is re-found, so better images can be taken and a voucher sent to the NHM.

Further information about-
Nemertopsis bivittata (from the website of Alfonso Herrera Bachiller)

The author of this website has now found three new southern species of nemerteans in the UK (Cornwall ), they include Nemertopsis bivittata, Lineus grubei and Vieitezia luzmurubeae.

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Nemertopsis bivittata Ribbon Nemertean worm Images
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