An educational resource dedicated mainly to the photography
and diversity of marine life that is found in the coastal waters
and rockpools of south-west England. Images by David Fenwick.

Marine fungi (Marine fungi images)

Pezizomycotina (Subdivision) > Dothideomycetes (Class) > Dothideomycetidae (Subclass) > Capnodiales (Order)

Mycosphaerellaceae (Family)

Stigmidium ascophylli (Cotton) Aptroot 2006
- A lichenicolous ascomycete fungi
(An example of mycophycobiosis)

Pezizomycotina (Subdivision) > Sordariomycetes (Class) > Hypocreomycetidae (Subclass) > Microascales (Order)

Halosphaeriaceae (Family)

Corollospora maritima Werderm, 1922
- A Marine fungus

Pezizomycotina (Subdivision) > Sordariomycetes (Class) > Sordariomycetidae (Subclass) > Sordariales (Order)

Chaetomiaceae (Family)

Trichocladium achrasporum (Meyers & R. T. Moore) M. Dixon ex Shearer & J. L. Crane 1971 - A Marine fungus


Agaricomycotina (Subdivision) > Agaricomycetes (Class) > Agaricomycetidae (Subclass) > Agaricales (Order)

Physalacriaceae (Family)

Mycaureola dilseae Maire & Chemin, 1922
- A fungal disease of the alga Dilsea carnosa

Other images of marine fungi

Marine fungus on Dosima fascicularis, Buoy barnacle plate, from a Scotty bait jar at Perranuthnoe. 12.12.15.

Images that may be of marine fungi -

Marine fungus 1, on Saw wrack, Fucus serratus,
in middleshore pool Spit Point. 27.06.10.

Marine fungus 2 ? on Saw wrack, Fucus serratus,
on lowershore Albert Reef, Penzance. 03.09.13.

Marine fungus 3, on Ceramium species,
found on Canadian fish box at Marazion. 22.10.13.

Marine fungus 4, on dead amphipod species,
tidal river bed, Newlyn, Cornwall. 15.08.16.

Marine fungus 5, species on other algae, found
in middleshore pool Spit Point. 27.06.10.

Marine fungi are a largely unknown group but can be found all around the coast of the UK. They can often be found on shells, sand, driftwood and seaweed on the shore.

Marine slime mould-like protists

Chromalveolata> heterokontophyta> Labyrinthulomycetes> Labyrinthulales> Labyrinthulaceae>

Labyrinthula zosterae D. Porter & Muehlst., in Muehlstein & Short, 1991 ? - Wasting Disease of Seagrass (Zostera marina) by a marine slime mould-like protist


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